Property Investment Agency’s top ten tips for moving home:   Now you’re the proud owner of your new home, here’s a quick list of the top ten things to remember in the final weeks leading up to your move.

  • Get organised -Choose a removal company well in advance. Ring around for a few quotes first, and make sure you agree on what exactly they’ll be doing for you.
  • Start collecting boxes and saving newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap, and any other things that will help you pack up your belongings safely.
  • Contact your gas, electricity, water, telephone and insurance companies to tell them about your move. Arrange for final meter readings to be taken.
  • Let your employer know you’re moving, and if you need to, book the time off work for the actual move.
  • Inform everyone who needs to know about your change of address, and arrange to have any post re-directed to your new home.
  • If you have children you may find it easier if they are out of the way on the day of the move. So arrange for someone to look after them where possible. The same goes for any pets. Arrange for them to be looked after – it’s one less thing to worry about (or remember!) on the day.
  • Pack an over-night bag of essentials for everyone, including some toys to help your children feel comfortable on their first night.
  • On the day. Get up bright and early, and be ready for a busy day. Prepare some snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout, and wait for your removal company to arrive.
  • Don’t leave anything behind. In cupboards, under beds, behind doors – have a final and thorough check. Then make sure windows and doors are locked before leaving.

When you arrive at your new home for the first time, Property Investment Agency sales consultant will be waiting to welcome you in.  They will present you with a folder containing all the relevant information about your new home, and then leave you to enjoy your very first day.

We will be available to help you have a stress free move.