How much is my home worth?

Knowing the worth of your house will help prepare for your next move or refinancing or obtaining a second mortgage.

Many people want to know how much their house is worth. Some want to know how well their investment in the property is going.  Others have a more pressing need to know its value, for example, when they plan to sell or refinance. To get a good idea of what your house is worth, you just need to research a few facts and talk to your very own agent – Property Investment Agency.


What you could do:

  • Check to see if there are any For Sale Boards/ To Lets Boards near you
  • Find out what others in your neighborhood are asking for their houses.  Use these figures as a starting point to get an idea of what your house is worth on the market. Throw out very high or low prices and then find the average price to get a more accurate idea of its value.
  • Go and check online for any recent sales in your area – / Rightmove / Zoopla all provide these information

    Or simply invite Property Investment Agency to give you all the information for free and accurate current valuation. Tap our knowledge of trends in the local housing market.


Why Choose Property Investment Agency?

At Property Investment Agency we take the responsibility of selling your property seriously.  We understand that your move is important, whether it is a step on the ladder or a relocation. The likelihood is that you will need to live in your home during the sales process and therefore it’s still your home, your space.

Property Investment Agency tries to make the selling process as smooth as possible.  Our ethos – and the key to success – is to carefully match your needs with prospective buyers.  This means that we can find the right buyer and minimise hassle for our clients.

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